Mazas Etudes Speciales Opus 36 Book 1 for Violin, audio CD MP3 recordingMazas Etudes Speciales, Opus 36: Book 1 for Violin & Viola

The Opus 36 etudes by Jacques-Féréol Mazas are a fundamental part of many viola and violin students’ education. However, a high quality recording was not easily accessible and commercially available to parents and students. Dr. Lisa McNiven recognized this deficiency and decided on a pedagogical recording project to solve the problem.

The Mazas Études Spéciales, Opus 36 Book 1 recordings contain the first 30 etudes in the compilation. Recorded in an acoustic performance hall, the albums serve as an important study aid for aspiring violinists and violists.

Mazas Etudes Speciales Opus 36 Book 1 for Viola, audio CD MP3 recordingBoth the violin and viola recordings are available at:





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