Studio Policy and Information

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Dr. Lisa McNiven
Phone: 208.403.6900


** Please read this over carefully. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you!!

  • Lessons will be held in the music studio at my home. Please enter through the side door on the right of the house. You may wait in the sitting room before your lesson. Please have your instrument and music out and ready at your lesson time.
  • Lessons may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length. Lesson length will be determined based on age and skill level.
  • Lessons are not taught Thanksgiving week or Christmas week.
  • Lesson tuition will include all recital, accompanist, and festival fees. All studio costs are averaged out through the year. Tuition may be paid by semester ( Fall: Sept – Dec, Winter: Jan – April, Summer: May – Aug ) or monthly. In certain situations, specific financial considerations may be made by the teacher. The tuition schedule is as follows:
    • 30 minute lesson: $410/Semester or $110/Month
    • 45 minute lesson: $600/Semester or $155/Month
    • 60 minute lesson: $790/Semester or $200/Month
  • Lesson fees are due at the beginning of the month or semester. There will be a $10.00 late fee if payment is received after the 2nd lesson. Late fee invoice will be delivered via email.
  • Cancelled or missed lessons for any reason, including illness, will not be refunded. Lessons may be rescheduled with a one-week notice, if my schedule allows. Similar to dance recitals, college tuition, etc., you are paying to reserve a time slot in the studio, and missed lessons will not be refunded. In order to give some leniency, however, there will be a makeup week at the end of each semester, where one missed lesson can be made up.
  • Time slots may be switched with other students in the studio to help facilitate additional scheduling needs. Arrangements must be made between students/parents, and notification given to the teacher at least 24 hours in advance.
  • If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, she will reschedule so the student receives the correct number of lessons.
  • Please come on time! Lesson times are scheduled close together, so late arrivals will not be given additional time.
  • Students and parents are expected to have a high level of dedication to lessons. Students should come to lessons prepared and ready to learn. Lesson experiences will be fulfilling for both student and teacher if this expectation is met.
  • There will be several opportunities for performances throughout the year:
    1. We will have a recital at the end of most semesters. Each student is expected to perform.
    2. Students will be performing in the February MSTA festival.
    3. I always encourage students to perform whenever possible (church, nursing homes, family events, etc.). If there is something in particular you are preparing for, I would be happy to work on it in lessons.
Lisa has established a studio that is both nurturing and educational. The students feel that she encourages them to develop their skills without pressure, learning at their own pace. She encourages performing in public at every opportunity to increase in confidence. She uses the Suzuki method, but also includes other music as needed to keep the child motivated, like fiddle tunes or church hymns. Our two violinists have been with Lisa for over 3 years and will remain under her tutelage for many years to come.
- Ruth C.

We are very happy with Lisa’s studio. She is professional, organized, and effective. She makes her expectations clear and has good results. We would recommend her to provide a good foundation for any aspiring violin or viola student.
- Joan A.