Teaching Philosophy

A love of education was instilled in me from my early childhood. With a father who was a school teacher and a mother who taught piano lessons, teaching and learning was a natural part of family life. This love of learning has been a major influence in my adult years, and I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to share this passion with hundreds of students over the years. 

Much like the philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, I believe that every person has the ability to become a refined musician. While some children seem to have particular ease learning music, with the correct instruction and proper support from parents all students can achieve great success. Additionally, I believe that music can bring great joy to both performers and audiences. My teaching studio seeks to tailor the teaching process to each students’ strengths and weaknesses to produce gratifying and long-lasting results. We spend time in each lesson working on the foundation of string playing: proper playing position, ear training, and learning consistent practice techniques, all of which are reinforced by teacher modeling.

The Suzuki method is the main form of instruction for young students. This method trains students from an early age with a high degree of parental involvement. Students initially learn music through listening and modeling, with note reading introduced at a later time. Non-Suzuki (traditional) methods are also taught depending on the needs and age of a particular student. Students can expect to work on scales, etudes, and solo pieces at each lesson, as well as note reading where applicable. The foundational exercises of scales, note reading, and etudes strengthen the student’s technique, allowing for a higher level of musicianship in the solo pieces.

I also believe that it is never too late to develop musical skills. Some of my fondest teaching moments have been working with adult students who came to the violin or viola much later in life. I truly love teaching, and I love music. I look forward to sharing these two passions of mine with you.